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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients specializes in inactive yeast and yeast extracts for savory and nutritional markets, as well as Fermentation Nutrition Ingredients for the fermentation industry and for microbiological media manufacturers. Bio-Ingredients products are produced using yeast from a global network of dedicated Lallemand facilities.



Lallemand Bio-Ingredients at the 19th International Riga Food Fair in Latvia
  Lallemand Bio-Ingredients will be at the 19th International Riga Food fair in Latvia, from September 5th to 7th 2014 at ... [+]
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients has launched its Organic Yeast products
The Bio-Lyfe™ and Bio-Engevita® lines are produced and certified in accordance with EU organic Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and ... [+]
5th Food & Biotech Seminar for Lallemand Bio-Ingredients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 20-22th 2014
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients can claim once again success for the fifth consecutive year for its annual seminar, this time, in Milwaukee, ... [+]

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